Concrete cleaning of: Service stations, shopping plazas,grocery stores, and restaurants.

E.P.W Has a proven concrete detailing system that works! 


1. Decrease concrete 
2. spot check oil stains and gum with 3000 psi of high pressure heated water using wand and yellow tip.
3. use clr cleaner on rust stain let sit and hit with pressure washer with yellow tip.
4. run surface cleaner that evens the look of concrete. 
5. wet sandblast any remaining concrete.
6. wash down and let dry.  Add a water based sealer if desired.

We also remove gum tattoos.  The stain left on the concrete from cooked on gum after it is removed.



EPW is in charge of cleaning all corporate Chevrons in Southern California.


This picture shows removal of lime and mold in a car wash.


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