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EPW Powerwash has a proven system that cleans concrete, walls and other surfaces at Service stations, Shopping plazas, Grocery stores, and Restaurants. It works every time!

...Put pressure on oil, gum, dirt & grime to leave - for good! 


Commercial retail sites that have concrete surfaces - sidewalks, walls, and stairs, are frequently faced with a tough situation: 

How to deal with stubborn stains that disfigure their premises?             

At EPW Powerwash, we have the perfect solution - Pressure Washing!

Stubborn Gum: If you let gum, which customers, visitors and passersby spit out on your premises, sit too long on concrete, it will eventually build a permanent home on the surface. And when that happens, the only way to dislodge it is by hitting it hard with pressurized hot water - and that destroys your concrete as it leaves unsightly marks behind when removing the gum called a “gum tattoo” as a reminder that gum was there!. At EPW, our experts will painstakingly get rid of those stains. 

Oil can spoil: Oil spills can spoil the appearance of concrete surfaces at retailers like gas stations and garages. But not only is oil bad for the owner - because customers track the slick mess into the store/shop; it's also bad for customer relations too. Customers are left with messy shoes, which they then track back into their cars, offices and homes. No customer wants to track YOUR oil into their newly cleaned Mercedes!

Water recovery: Many pressure water cleaners claim that they "reclaim the water they use" that's supposed to make their customers feel good!  So what do they do with it once they reclaim it? Disposing it wherever convenient is not allowed. It is often called "open dumping," "fly dumping," and "midnight dumping, which can result in fines of up to $2,000, and/or 6 months in jail. EPW is the only pressure washing company that has legal permission to reclaim the water we use and then properly dispose it off within the local water district. 


If you have a particularly challenging concrete cleaning job to deal with, call EPW Powerwash now. Grit, grime, stubborn gum, oil slicks and dirt on concrete won't stand a chance!

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